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McChicken burger

[vegan] [gluten free]
Of course it’s not the same as a real McChicken, but the taste is so close! Especially if you have been practicing a vegetable diet for a long time, as I do, and have forgotten its taste.
I did gluten-free buns with seeds, the recipe from my book “Bread”, but you can use any you want.

For patty:
• tofu — 200g ⠀
• flour* - 25g ⠀
• soy sauce — 20g
• apple cider vinegar — 1 teaspoon
• granulated garlic — ½ teaspoon
• nutritional yeast- 1 teaspoon ⠀
• bread crumbs (or crispy cornflakes) — 40g
• smoked paprika — 1 teaspoon⠀
• salt / pepper — to taste⠀

For sauce:
• aquafaba — 50g⠀
• plant oil — 120g ⠀
• mustard — 1 teaspoon
• lemon juice — 1 teaspoon⠀
• syrup (topinambur or any other) — 1 teaspoon
• turmeric — ½ teaspoon ⠀
• Black pepper powder — 1 pinch
• salt — ½ teaspoon or less⠀

• bun
• iceberg lettuce

(*) you can use any flour you want, I used gram flour mixed with green buckwheat flour.

1. Press a bit the tofu cover with a towel to remove excess moisture and crush it into small pieces with your hands in the clean bowl.
2. Add soy sauce, vinegar and herbs. Mix well, taste it and if needed add more salt.
3. Now add the flour, mix again and try if it keeps the shape during compression. If it doesn’t — add 1 spoon of water.
4. In a separate dry bowl mix bread crumbs (or crispy cornflakes) with paprika and a little bit of salt.
5. Form tofu patties with wet hands and roll them in the crust coating.
6. Fry in a small amount of oil.
7. Mix all ingredients for sauce onto blender’s bowl and whisk until thickens. This is, in fact, a homemade vegan mayo, so I think you’ll easily find what to do with it.
8. Cut the bun in half, grease the bottom bun with a little bit of sauce, put on it the patty and then the lettuce.
9. Put the generously greased with sauce top bun on top of your burger. That’s all! Our McChicken burger is ready!